Defense is the best Attack

Defenx IT Solution

Defense is the best Attack


the most complete suite for the protection of your PC and your personal data.
Defenx Total Security Premium Suite has the capability to anticipate any kind malware. Providing defense from hacker attacks, while keeping your data, online purchase and banking records safe. Whether you're a novice or a IT expert you can set up our software to meet your needs. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help feature the software learns how to handle firewall alerts and adjusts itself accordingly. Defenx keeps your device protected and lets you use it in full peace of mind.
1.        Pro-active protection                                                          2.         Data Digital Safe
3.        Real-Time ScanAntivirus                                                 4.         Antispyware
5.        Antimalware                                                                           6.         Web filter
7.       Automatization rules                                                           8.          Entertainment Mode
9.       One-click removable device scan                                    10.         Bidirectional Firewall
11.     Antispam                                                                                  12.          Banner an Pop-Up Block

Pro-active protection

The advanced protection of the Host allows you to control and block the most recent penetrations techniques and the manipulation of the personal data. Defenx allows you to “act in advance” blocking all threats that could cause damages on your PC. Without need to wait for the official update.

360° Protection Center

The Defenx Security Suite bidirectional firewall guarantees a global protection, blocking the incoming and outgoing traffic (through Internet and/or LAN) to unauthorized persons or unauthorized files. The double control make impossible any form of unauthorized activity. Special shields prevents intrusions from local net and WiFi net. Placing itself in the firing line, the bidirectional firewall keeps your Pc far away from hacker and malware, leaving you calm and relaxed while using your computer and Internet.

Preventive Defense

The Host protection monitors the behaviors of the others software and its interactions with the Network, in order to prevent violations and transmissions of information from your PC to unauthorized persons. Defenx Security Suite Host protection has obtained the maximum rating in all the tests of security, thus offering to its user a service of reliable and certificated protection against any kind of attack.

Defenx Total Security Premium

A fast Removal tool

Fighting malware is not a problem anymore! Now you can use the Defenx Technology, highly qualified VB 100 against Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Worm, and other forms of computer threats.

Complete Protection

The Anti-malware system of Defenx Security Suite is the perfect combination between the Antivirus technology and the Anti-Spyware technology. Any access are constantly monitored and controlled for all the attempts of access and activation of malware in the PC. Any time the anti-malware found a threat, it is immediately disinfected, removed or put in quarantine. You can scan the entire system with one click button.

Safe Web Navigation

Thanks to its versatility, the Web Control module allows you to have a safe web surfing also in the darker and dangerous zones of Internet. You will keep away from infected website, also limits your exposure to potentially harmful applications and blocks any attempt of spreadings of personal information, always keeping your identity hidden.

Performances Optimization

Defenx Security Suite allows you to maximize the operating performance, decreasing the amount of utilized resources. The software is optimized in order to offer the highest speed of analysis and immediate answer to the attacks, without however making a dent to the total performance of the computer, that will continue to operate as if the software were not activated.

Practical Antispam

This module allows you to avoid mail spam and to have all the mail boxes free of annoying mail trash. Thanks to the “Personalized” option, you will be able to insert your personal definition of Spam, thus all the entire process of removal of the undesired mail will be quick as a mouse click.

User friendly interface

Defenx Security Suite is easy and immediate to configure, in a position to answering the requirements of all its users, experts and newcomer. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help function, the software learns to manage independently alarms of the firewall, leaving you completely free from any thought or worry about the system security.

Software Self-protection

Defenx Security Suite cannot be disabled or blocked from external attacks. Thanks to the solid protection of all its components, Defenx Security Suite do not allow any form of tampering of the software, thus is impossible, to any unauthorized user, the deactivation or the closing of the active protection.

Hardware Requirements

Operating Systems

CPU : 1 Ghz      RAM : 1 GB      HDD : 500 Mb
    Win 10         Win 8          Win 7        Win XP SP 3
With Defenx, whether you're a security novice or expert you can simply configure it to meet your needs. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help feature the software learns how to handle alerts and more efficiently adjust to them, allowing you to focus on what you want to do leaving all security management to Defenx.