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Defenx Mobile Security Suite is vital for your mobile device. Because mobile devices are increasingly capable of taking on a wider range of tasks while storing large quantities of personal information. Making the protection of your smartphone and its content essential.

      1.    AntiTheft                                                   2.     AntiSpam                                  3.    AntiVirus                                                    4.    Anti-Phishing                          5.     Safe-Browsing                                           6.    Sim Protection

       7.    In-app Browser


Defenx Antitheft module offers a security solution for mobile devices which, once the device's location tracking is enabled, adds new safety features to your phone. In case of loss you can track and trace the position of your device through a special web portal letting you respond appropriately. In case of theft Defenx allows you to wipe your data remotely ensuring the highest level of data-protection in more drastic scenarios. Developed specifically for mobile devices Defenx Antitheft is simple and effective and does not require any technical knowledge. In the United Kingdom a mobile phone is stolen or lost every 12 seconds thats over 50,000 mobile devices. Whether it's theft or loss, mobile devices contain personal and/or business information and data that can be used to the detriment of the device owner. Protection and theft-prevention and mitigation of the loss have become a necessary part of the modern communications landscape.

Defenx Mobile Security
Defenx Total Security Premium Suite


Defenx Antispam module offers complete control of SMS and MMS messages. The easy-to-use module will help you minimize SPAM by identifying them as either Welcome (Whitelist) or Unwelcome (Blacklist). You can easily and automatically manage all incoming mail messages with the simple addition of new senders to the appropriate list. Its a fact that many SMS and MMS SPAM advertisements contain hot-links that once clicked automatically lead you to malicious software dowloads or websites that can damage your device.


Defenx Antivirus module monitors manages and scans the entire device automatically after each download. It scans each application or incoming file. Then each scan operation is executed in the Cloud on the company's servers, Defenx software scans files and applications and compares them with the current authorized definitions. After the scan the result will be shown on the device screen, and if found, Defenx Antivirus application on the device deals appropriately with, the reported malware. Defenx Antivirus offers full protection against all known malware, malicious applications and more. The heart of the application is a powerful scanning engine especially designed and optimized for use on mobile devices. We are proud of our 'state of the art’ solution, a fast and effective antivirus solution for mobile devices with very low impact on memory and energy resources.

Defenx Internet Security
Defenx Antivirus


Defenx AntiPhishing module will, once activated, monitor all user in-browser activity. It supports both the native Android and Google Chrome browsers. When a user visits a webpage, based on domain and URL structure, the Defenx app will create a signature that is sent to Defenx server in the Cloud to check against known blacklisted signatures. There there are several public repositories being maintained today that regularly update a large database of malicious addresses. Once such a malicious address is detected by the Defenx AntiPhishing filter it will block the page, not allowing user to see it's content and thereby preventing the malicious activity.


Defenx Safe Browsing module works in the same way as our AntiPhishing module above. But in this case it is the user that defines the blacklisted websites and can block them as needed. A very comprehensive set of predefined categories are available, also a custom exclusions can be added. Safe browsing will monitor user actions and send pages to Defenx servers in the Cloud for analysis. Based on several database feeds Defenx determines which category this website belong to and returns the result tot the Defenx app, and blacklisted pages will be blocked.

Defenx Ultimate Security
Total Security

Sim Protection

Defenx SIM Protection module, once activated, will retrieve SIM information and store this data in a secure place on the device. It will then listen for any changes in SIM status, and if SIM is removed or changed module will automatically send an email to the owner; then if so configured, module will also send SMS alerts to a user predefined list.

In-app Browser

Defenx In-app Browser offers a dedicated custom browser that is automatically linked to all Defenx protection modules. This allows the user to safely browse the Internet without worrying about malicious websites. Defenx browser will monitor all actions and generate alerts as necessary offering the highest degree of confidence while surfing the web. The browser has all standard features like tabs, bookmarks and history.

Ultimate Security

Operating Systems

Defenx Andiord
Defenx Apple

Andriod 2.3 or Later

IOS 7.0 or Later

            Defenx Mobile Security Suite - malware protection, low power consumption and bandiwidth usage

Defenx Mobile Security Suite is an application designed to protect mobile devices (Smartphone & Tablet) and the data they contain.


A 30 day free trial version is available for Personal Computers, Smartphones, tablets