Defense is the best Attack

Defenx IT Solution

Defense is the best Attack


Creating bootable USB disk

  1. Download self-extractive LiveDiskUsb.exe archive from Defenx web site.

  2. Insert an empty formatted USB media into PC.

  3. Run the downloaded LiveDiskUsb.exe file by right-clicking it and unpack its contents to a temporary folder.

  4. In this folder, run the usb-install.exe application.

  5. In the displayed window select the corresponding USB disk and click Install Live Disk. In the displayed           dialog you will see the installation progress.

  6. After completing the installation, restart your PC and boot it from USB disk.


Creating bootable CD/DVD

  1. Download Defenx Live Disk ISO image from Defenx web site.

  2. Burn the image onto an empty CD or DVD using any burning software.

  3. Restart your PC and boot it from the created disk.

After booting from Defenx Live Disk, run the system scan and cure infected objects. When the system is successfully disinfected, you can restart your PC normally.

A 30 day free trial version is available for Personal Computers, Smartphones, tablets